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Customer Testimonials

Just wanted to say that it was a pleasure doing business with you. The craftsmanship that is displayed in the custom loon decoy is simply outstanding. The loon itself represents something very important to me and I'm grateful for the dedication that you put into your work. Thank you. I will be sure to recommend your business to anyone who is looking for a quality carving for themselves.
Adam K

Hello Robert,

I'm not sure how many WOW's you receive from clients who are amazed by your decoys. I purchased your Mallard decoy as a Christmas gift for an avid duck hunter. He was thrilled with the gift and promptly displayed his decoy for all to admire. Your site photos are beautiful, but they pale to the actual product. Thank you,

Mr. Kelly,

I want to thank you for your work. I recently ordered a Western Grebe to give to my father for his 60th birthday; it arrived yesterday and took my breath away. What draws me to your work is that you leave much of the wood grain visible and incorporate it as texture on the feathers! Thank you for helping me give one of the most amazing people in my life such a beautiful gift.


Greetings Robert and Mary,

We have all four geese and have them placed in our home. They are a fantastic addition to our sunroom and add additional beauty to the 'vertical space' in the room. The fact that the wood grain is apparent also compliments our oak timbers and clear cedar ceilings. My husband is an avid sportsman and this area of our home is specifically dedicated to our love of the out of doors (fish mounts/deer mount/horns/pelts/bird mount/sculptural GEESE, fish and ceramic fish). The addition of your beautiful geese sculptures aides in the 'theme' of the area without making the space look like a 'cabin' or a 'hunter's lodge' - they add an element of 'sophistication' that is a wonderful!! 

I have included two views of their placement in our home. The first picture is of the geese in the sunroom itself. The second picture was taken from a 'bridge' where you can see the two geese in flight 'flying into' the sunroom in the opening between the sunroom and the dining/living area of the home. Words are really inadequate in describing how these geese have found their perfect home!! I only wish I were a better photographer!!! 

If you have any interest in using these pictures, please feel free to do so!! Now, I need to figure out how to stay away from your website so I don't turn our entire home into an aviary!!!!

Name withheld

Good morning! My daughter has the Paypal account she lets me use when I order the decoys from you. At Christmas I ordered the Ruddy duck. Recently, I ordered the loon. I wanted to let you know how pleased my friend and I are with your craftsmanship. We are excited to receive the loon which you shipped this past Tuesday. The eerie sound the loons make transport us to our family home on a lake in mountainous upstate New York. 

For most of the year we live on a smaller bay off of the mouth of the Potomac River leading into the Chesapeake Bay. We enjoy watching the water fowl and taking pictures of them. Eventually, I hope to order other decoys from you as special gifts for my friend. He has expressed an interest in the mallard wall mount pair, so that will probably be next (as an Easter gift). 

Yesterday, we were pleased to see six Tundra swans out fishing. What a sight! I noticed your site shows you offer a Trumpeter swan. Would you by chance have a Tundra swan? I love the joyful sounds they make in flight! 

Your website is user friendly and the photographs and descriptions are detailed and informative. I am enjoying referencing it to identify the fowl I see out the kitchen window. 

Thank you,

Helen Seawell

Mary Ann and Robert -

I received the American Widgeon and Hooded Merganser a little while ago. I am absolutely blown away with the birds-simply stunning pieces of art. 

I am so happy that I found your website. I cannot wait to get the other three birds. Robert - what a talent you have and how fortunate you are to do something you love AND get paid for it! 

Thank you both for getting these two to me ahead of the upcoming holiday rush. Take care and please let me know when the other 3 are headed south.



I just received a Wigeon Drake of yours from my sister for a Christmas present. Just wanted the chance to let you know that it will be part of my decoy collection for a long time to come. Though my extensive collection is mostly old working birds, I do have a number of special contemporary birds and you should be congratulated on the quality of carving and a wondeful mix of paint and natural grain finish that compliments it greatly. A beautully crafted work of art. 

Take care,

Brian Short
Stonewall Mb

Like the gunning decoys carved by the great Nineteenth and early Twentieth century masters, whose works are so sought after today, Robert Kelly's classic wooden decoys embody certain essential qualities of the live birds they represent. More than mere slavish imitations of wildfowl, his decoys are works both of art and of cunning, perfect for capturing the attention of migrating waterfowl, and that of those of us attracted to their wild nobility and beauty. I treasure the decoys Robert Kelly carved for me, and I hope to pass them on to my children and grandchildren.

-Matthew Miltich, jazz bassist, and former outdoor columnist for the Cook County News-Herald

Just received my 6th decoy from Robert Kelly and all I am totally amazed at the quality and detail. Wow.

This new addition to my collection is a Magnum Series Hooded Merganser hen. This is a masterpiece every way you look at it. It has its own unique character and expression. This one is going on the fireplace mantle in the family room - front and center for all to enjoy. Thanks again Bob and Mary Ann.

Tom Bailey
Baldwinsville, NY

In Recognition of Robert Kelly's Blue Bill Drake... Testimonial by Client and friend Christopher A. STEA 

"Not long ago I decided to add to my incredible world class collection of Robert Kelly duck carvings. Without much thought I knew in honour of my grandfather Ernie Miller from Sault Ste. Marie I had to compliment the collection with the Blue Bill Drake.

There is enormous history from the Blue Bill days of Ernie and myself hunting these tiny feathered rocket missiles, it seemed no matter where we hunted in the North Channel there they were in our front sights, Blue Bills, and thousands of them back then, and yes you guessed it, when Carole and I moved to our country estate, there is a duck and goose pond about 175 feet from our east patio deck doors with double bay windows and guess who came to lunch one day the blue bill drake and hen, I simply could not believe it.

So there in my study now proudly displayed is my time honoured Blue Bill !! What precision Robert took to make this masterpiece , to me anyway the true classic of a lifetime to own and I know Ernie would have been so very proud to have a couple of dozen of Robert's creations in his study also.

As times on there still is NOT a day that goes by that I reminisce about those harsh and dangerous hunts that we somehow escaped death, experience was our life saver and our ruggedness to say the very least, only NOW thanks to Roberts efforts that I feel truly blessed. How my duck days have gone full circle including braking one of my back molars on that gritty dark meat one night from some of that No. 5 shot deeply embedded in the roasted meat. You sure had to love duck hunting the way we did to put up with that. Granny thought she saw it all!

If anyone out there has any reservations about having Robert sculpture a masterpiece for them, DO NOT hesitate, call me through Robert and I can assure you after our discussion you will be well on your way to start a coveted collection.

Thanks for everything my friend!!" 

Christopher Stea
Matheson Ontario

"As I lifted my Canada goose from the packaging, the smile on my face grew larger and larger, as I saw the work of beauty I held in my hands......Robert is a true artist.....he captures the spirit of the animals he brings to life with white pine, and his tribute to these magnificent creatures.....what I received far surpassed my expectations.......I eagerly await the mate, that will soon be joining us."

Sherry Ferber, Agoura Hills, California

“Mr. Kelly is both a talented artist and a gentleman. His work is unique and beautiful and yet very affordable for such quality pieces. He even took the time to repair two pieces that were damaged in my home at no extra cost. I cannot wait to include several more of his decoys in my collection, thank you.” 

Mark McAda
Victoria Harbour, ON

Dear Robert Kelly Woodcarving,

"I cannot begin to tell you how pleased we are with the Cinnamon Teal Hen that you custom-made for us. A year ago I purchased a Cinnamon Teal Drake decoy from you as a gift for my Sweetheart's birthday. He likes it so much he keeps it displayed on our mantle. But the drake looked lonely to me - so for this year's birthday, I went back to your website in search of a hen, but did not find one among the options. I took a chance and asked if you would consider making one for us, you did, and she is beautiful! Our "pair" are so perfectly matched and detailed so meticulously that we keep checking to make sure they aren't swimming off the mantle and into the sunset together. Thank you for taking the time to create something so lovely and so very unique for us."

Patricia D. Cole
Wassiac, New York

"Some of the very best moments of my life have been spent outside watching and listening to mallard ducks and loons living free in their own habitat. The artistic genius of Robert Kelly has allowed me to bring his extremely beautiful, exquisitely detailed, brilliantly painted, and completely life-like mallard and loon decoys into my home.

My home is filled with beautiful art. Robert Kelly’s exquisite decoys stand out among my most dearly-loved works of art. Each of his hand-crafted life-like decoys has the priceless beauty of nature’s bird wildlife.

Before buying these decoys I did a complete search of all decoys available on the internet. All of Robert Kelly’s decoys stand out as the very best. He hand carves and finishes each decoy with life-like feathering that captures the true character of the bird. The finish on his decoys is a combination of semi-transparent stains and latex paints.

Robert Kelly is a genius at crafting the most beautiful of all decoys. He is also a very nice person who personally provides you with quick delivery and excellent customer service. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, he will gladly offer you an exchange or a refund.

I am very pleased to recommend to you all of Robert Kelly’s decoys. If you love beautiful birds and/or prize beautiful art you will be forever happy and proud to own, display, and cherish Robert Kelly’s decoys."

Dr. John Seem

"Over the past 5 years, I have added four Robert Kelly decoys to my collection. These include a Red Breasted Merganser Drake, a Hooded Meganser Hen, a Western Grebe, and a most cherished Flying Arctic Loon. You can see my Robert Kelly carvings on my personal Decoy Collection Page.

I have to say that among all of the birds in my collection, Robert's decoys stand out as champion works of art. Robert takes his time and you can see it in his work. It's clearly a matter of pride that no decoy leaves his studio before it's the best it can be.

The more closely you examine a Robert Kelly carving, the nicer it becomes. It takes a special talent to give a carving a character of its own. Each Robert Kelly decoy I own is truly a masterpiece.

If you are considering purchasing one of his carvings, you can't go wrong. You'll be purchasing an heirloom that will last many lifetimes - and will surely appreciate in value."

Tom Bailey
Web Site Developer
tjbailey Iternet Services

"I wish to express my appreciation for the joy received with each classic decoy that has arrived at my door. The attention to accurate detail that each has portrayed along with your special talent in completing the true-to-species color feathering have made each decoy truly unique and a pride of ownership. As you must know, owning twelve of your carvings indicates my complete satisfaction with all that you have artistically created."

Les Browder

"It is with un-bias and unsolicited gesture that I am taking this opportunity to offer this testimonial that in my opinion Robert Kelly is a ” Premier” consummate wood carving professional. Not only do his carvings come to life when held they portray the true exacting efforts of a world class highly gifted craftsman especially when you have the past history and scrutinizing eye that I do. Allow me to diarize for you. In my life I have seen thousands of ducks and geese and held the same.

During my early childhood and teenage life I had the privilege to hunt geese and ducks with my grandfather who raised me in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, Ernie was a legend, one of a kind. After at least 400 to 500 duck hunting expeditions , enduring such harsh conditions to achieve success I can honestly say that at the end of the day and as Ernie parted from this world there wasn’t anything I didn’t know about our feathered friends. We braved the cold November waters of the North Channel to lakes that weren’t even on the maps in search of marsh areas that were somehow navigated in our trusty worthy 6 foot punt powered by the 1 ½ horsepower Mighty Might mercury motor. Quite honestly we are fortunate to be alive. We lived and breathed duck hunting. The constant sliding effortless action of our Remington Wing Master 12 gauge trombones was at war with the bulletproof armour of those pesky bluebills that dotted the airways.

To date Robert has further graced the ambiance of our country estate with his masterpieces, situated amongst the plain like pastures that allow your life to serenely appreciate nature and neighbouring cows, lapping up water from the same ponds that the non-stop drakes and hens give flight to and from.

In this instance my wife and I have the best of two worlds when we look from within our home to view the beauty of the land , we then have the luxury of inviting that same beauty right into our living room thanks to the exacting lifelike duck carvings of Robert Kelly. The Blue and Green Teal, the American Widgeon have a spiritual , but prevailing artistic calmness that brings to mind that Ernie has offered his transparent approval sitting in my Labrador and Duck embroidered custom chair enjoying the same never -ending appreciation that we do. Thank you Robert Kelly !!!"

From: Christopher Stea