Decoy Carving & Finishing Process
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Birds In Flight

Cutting blocks to size on swing saw
Jointing blocks for glue up

Gluing up blocks
Pressing blocks in clamps

Marking template on block
Bandsawing pattern

Rough out carving
Sanding on pneumatic sander

As wood shavings fall to the floor at his feet, Bob Kelly is skillfully handcarving a 'classic style' Mallard drake decoy, turning an ordinary pine block of wood into a wonderful work of art - a lifelike waterfowl creation with charm and a character all its own.

Feather carving
Hand sanding

Each duck, loon, and goose decoy is individually and meticulously hand-worked, from the first rough cuts of the block, to the final finish coat and inspection, assuring every bird is a unique creation, reflecting the quality of workmanship that collectors have come to expect with Bob's carvings.

Stains are applied
Spraying water based finish

Finished carving

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