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Size: 15" long by 7" high by 6-1/2" wide.

Price: $132.99

A very common summer resident, found in flocks on marshes and sloughs throughout the state.  A very adaptable bird, American Coots may also be seen waddling awkwardly in fields and lawns adjacent to water bodies.  

Habitat: Marshes and sloughs, preferably those that also have adjacent open water.  Also may feed on dry land.

Diet: Omnivorous, eating aquatic plants, grasses, seeds, insects, earthworms, small fish, tadpoles, snails, eggs, and fruits and berries. 

Behavior: Feeds both in the water and on land.  In the water, they may act like dabbling ducks, upending in shallow water, or may dive underwater.  They will also readily forage on land near water bodies.

Nesting: May through JulyMigration: Summers throughout much of North America.  Northern populations migrate south in the winter (including those in South Dakota).

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